The Yooji’s Guarantee is our promise to give our best on a daily basis and to continue to improve ourselves. Only in this way can we keep creating new, unforgettable experiences for our customers. Our ambitious team provides high-quality service with passion and dedication, while our sushi chefs conjure up first-class sushi creations in the kitchen. In doing so, not only do we set great store by quality, we also believe in the importance of fairness and in respecting nature by the way we treat the environment and animals.

  • Personal service and ready to listen to customer feedback
  • Careful and high-quality preparation
  • Sustainable fishing
  • The right balance between personal service and innovative technologies
  • Actively avoiding food waste


We’re passionate about achieving the right balance between modern technology and personal service. Our Yooji’s restaurants feature sophisticated technology at the Kaiten (sushi conveyor belt). Every seat at the Kaiten is equipped with a tablet and an info point. Fresh sushi creations go past on small plates. You can view these at your info point and immediately find out all the ingredients, including allergy information. The tablet also enables you to order quickly and easily as well as call our service team. As an additional highlight, its fun games also offer exciting entertainment.

All of this simplifies and speeds up the service, however, the heart of our restaurant is still our team and their personal, attentive service and advice. We are happy to receive customer feedback in person. Not only do we reply to feedback on online portals, we also use it as an opportunity to make improvements.


It’s a matter of honor that our ingredients are of the highest quality and that we comply with strict hygiene regulations when preparing food. This also applies to the loving preparation of dishes by our sushi chefs, whose passion is of the utmost importance to us. Thanks to our own sushi academy which provides chef training, we are also able to give an opportunity to career changers with a real love of sushi and train them up to be true master chefs.


Our collaborations are based on a foundation of trust, loyalty and personal relationships. Fair trade is just as important to us as sustainability and a love for our products. We only serve our customers products which we can fully support and which have been produced under fair terms of employment. We are very aware of our tremendous responsibility, therefore we rely on products from sustainable cultivation and, wherever possible, use environmentally-friendly packaging. This includes the use of FSC paper, PLA cutlery, A-PET packaging and appropriate, environmentally-friendly means of waste disposal.


We and our partners will NEVER…

  • … use fish from overfished stocks.
  • … fish in protected marine regions.
  • … use chemicals or genetically modified organisms for fish farming.

We and our partners will ALWAYS…

  • … rely on sustainable fishing practices.
  • …ensure that no endangered species are harmed and reduce by-catches to a minimum.
  • …comply with national and international fishing laws.
  • … recognize our social responsibility towards fishermen, breeders, and their families.
  • … take measures to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.


Kingfish Yellowtail amberjack
[Seriola lalandi]
Australia Farm-raised 1
Yellowtail Tuna
[Thunnus albacares]
FAO 71, 77, 81 Hook & Longline 2
Salmon [Salmo salar] Scotland

or Norway

Farm-raised 3
Chicken and beef Switzerland

ASC certified / 2 MSC certified / Global GAP certified