Constant improvement and innovation keep us moving forward every day. We take pride in the high quality of the fresh products that we use, and of the service that we offer. To achieve this quality, feedback from our guests is essential.


  • Service performance at our establishments (Q1 standard)
  • Feedback from guests
  • Freshness & quality of our products
  • Contribution to a healthy diet
  • Hygiene at our establishments and regular inspections by Laboratory Veritas


It is very important to us that our customers feel welcome and well looked after. Our establishments are certified with the Q1 quality seal.

The quality program run by the Swiss Tourism Federation highlights establishments that continually address the issue of quality and do their best for the guest on a daily basis.

All of our establishments have now been certified with the Q1 quality seal (level 1). This level focuses on quality development and applies to service quality in particular.


Our promise of quality is based on premium, tested foodstuffs. Absolute freshness is our prime directive!

Carefully selected and tested high-quality products are essential prerequisites for the services that we provide daily. We take care to ensure that only the best ingredients, from origins and suppliers that are known to us, are processed according to strict hygiene regulations. Here, absolute freshness comes first and foremost!


We adhere to strict hygiene regulations and regularly get our establishments inspected by Laboratory Veritas. Our specially developed and extremely detailed hygiene concept defines a comprehensive code of conduct for all our establishments with regard to cleaning, staff hygiene, and the receipt, processing and storage of goods.

We regularly get our establishments inspected by Laboratory Veritas and we adopt this company’s recommendations and suggested improvements pertaining to hygiene management. Laboratory Veritas provides comprehensive independent inspection and consultation. For instance, this company conducts chemical analyses, microbiological tests, hygiene checks, hygiene consultations, guaranty inspections, and much more.


We value feedback from our customers. It influences what we do every day and is an important part of our quality assurance.

For example, after the Yooji’s product range was changed in summer 2013, numerous guests were surveyed, and their feedback and wishes were taken into account. Criticism, suggestions and concerns voiced by our guests are also archived within our internal feedback tool “IMPROVE”, where they also go through a process that ultimately leads to optimization of our products and services. Proposals and ideas from our staff are also incorporated here.


Our meals are part of a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet, and were developed in cooperation with nutritionists.


  • Fish products are rich in iron, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fish, chicken, tofu and edamame provide valuable proteins.
  • Green tea is a healthy accompaniment to food.
  • Whenever possible, we avoid granulated sugar and instead use low-energy sweeteners.